Newborn Baby Clothes

Finding clothes that are both safe and cute

As your pregnancy due date approaches, you’ll reach a point when you simply can’t resist buying baby clothes. Even if you got a good amount at your baby shower, it will feel good to buy clothes for your baby to pass the time and get more excited about his or her arrival. As you start to purchase clothes, you’ll notice that there are a few options that differentiate one item of clothing from another. Since your baby’s health and safety will be your top priority, it’s important that you determine which clothes might be safe while also imagining which will look the cutest.

Cotton is best

Cotton blends or regular cotton are always the best choices. The most important part about a baby’s clothing items is not whether or not he/she will look cute, though that will feel important. Instead, you need to make sure any baby clothing you buy will be washable. Stains on cotton can be removed easily, and the fabric can be washed at a high level of heat. Cotton is also light but excellent for layering. Layering your baby’s clothes and keeping them clean with a simple wash will help you save more money than you might think in the end.

Check labels

Check the care labels and avoid buying any clothing that you can’t simply throw in the washer and dryer regularly. You might think you love that little silk pajama set for the baby before he/she arrives, but it will probably get thrown in the garbage after one night of spitting up. By the same token, avoid clothes that need to be ironed and anything that might require a special wash cycle. Keeping up with your baby’s laundry will be more difficult than you might think, and buying new outfits every time his or her lunch comes back up will be a huge waste of money.


Do yourself a favor in advance and only buy baby clothing that will be easy to wash and comfortable for your baby. In fact, you can even request a certain fabric or material before the day of your baby shower so that people will know which fabric specifically to look for and buy as a gift. No matter how cute that impossibly expensive tailored baby suit might be, hold off until prom. Your baby won’t look so cute when you are up at 3:00 am doing the last load of laundry for the day.

Source: Celia Ray Hayhoe et al: Planning for Baby – Clothing Fabric Choices, Care Labels, Comfort, Fit, Size and Safety. Virginia Cooperative Extension. Volume 2009

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