You’ve decided it’s time to start trying for baby number 2, but there’s a problem. The only time mom and dad have together it late at night, after baby is in bed and baby doesn’t like the idea of a regular bedtime. When your night is spent fighting with bedtime rituals and keeping baby in her own room, the idea of conceiving another child gets pushed back behind fatigue, stress and the fights that inevitably ensue over the latter issues. Before you jump out of the conception ring and give up on the idea of having another baby, try working on that bedtime routine. 

ToddlerSkip the Television at Night
Many parents resort to turning on the television late at night to keep children calm at bed time. This practice can backfire as children stay awake to watch what’s on the television as opposed to falling asleep. When the movie or show ends, children often wake-up or get out of bed to tell mom and dad to restart the movie. You should be spending time after baby is in bed with your partner, not running back and forth to your child’s bedroom. 

Keep a Routine
Children may buck a routine at first, but stick with it from an early age and soon everything will fall in line. I remember when my little ones were very little, my wife kept a routine you could set your watch to. The doctor told her it was the best way to raise well-rounded children with few trust issues and it worked. I bucked her then, but now I understand the power of having control over a child’s schedule, especially when it comes to spending time alone together. 

Keep Late Night Snacks to a Minimum
Eating sugary snacks late at night can make it harder for children to fall asleep. The last thing you want is a child wired on sugar when you’re supposed to be snuggling on the couch watching a movie with your partner. If your child needs a snack before bed, try to set snack time about 60 to 90 minutes before bed and choose snack with little to no sugar. Bedtime snacks should be easy to digest as foods that are difficult to digest can alter sleep patterns. 

With a few changes, baby number 1 will be on a regular sleep schedule in no time and you will have the time and energy to work on conceiving baby number 2.