The Cost of Male Fertility Drugs

For some men, fertility drugs like Clomiphene and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) are prescribed to promote testosterone production, sperm production and sperm motility. These are the same fertility drugs prescribed to women, but cycles are slightly different between the two genders. As is the case for many couples, the cost of fertility drugs often stands in the way of seeking treatment to improve your chances of conception. 

ClomipheneFertility Drugs
Clomiphene, commonly referred to by the brand name Clomid, is prescribed for three to six months in men. One pill is taken daily for the prescribed period. Men can expect to pay between $200 and $500 for one month of Clomid. This amount is in addition to the cost of the Clomid prescribed for the female partner.

The total cost for one cycle of Clomid in men could be as high as ,000. 

HCG costs less than Clomiphene, but the typical prescription is for six to 12 months of treatment. One month of HCG injections costs between $120 and $200. Again, the HCG costs for men are in addition to any costs accumulated for other fertility drugs, treatments and tests on the female side of the equation. 

The total cost for one cycle of HCG could reach $2,400. HCG may be prescribed with human menotropin gonadotropin (HMG), increasing the cost per cycle. 

Should the Cost of Fertility Treatments Stop You from Seeking Help?
Before hitting the stop button on fertility treatments, contact several local fertility centers for information on programs provided by the clinics. Some clinics will offer a free consultation for couples seeking fertility assistance. The free consultation is designed to give couples information on possible fertility treatments, programs, costs and more. If nothing else, couples can take a look at what the future holds and possibilities for treatment. During the consultation, couples should be ready with questions about boosting fertility naturally and lifestyle changes to improve chances of conceiving without assistance.