There are tons of resources for what expecting women should pack for the hospital, but what about the expecting men? The hospital stay could be long and arduous and we need some of the same things she will need during her stay. Remember, she could be sleeping part of the time, so think about every possible aspect of labor and delivery when planning your Daddy Hospital Kit. 

Things could get messy and time consuming during labor. Pack a few clothes items to make sure you have something to change into should it become necessary. 

  • Two Pairs of Extra Underwear – You have no idea how long you’ll be in the hospital. 
  • Two Complete Outfits – Just in case things get messy. 
  • Extra Socks and Comfy Shoes – You may be walking more than sitting by the time labor is over. 

Hopefully she will be getting some rest during the beginning stages of labor. You’ll need something to do while she rests – if you’re not sleeping too. 

  • Laptop and Power Cord – Most hospitals have free WiFi so you can keep everyone updated via social media and email. 
  • Movies – There is a chance you could spend more than 24 hours in the hospital. She may want some distraction too. 
  • Cell Phones and Chargers – You never want to be stuck in the hospital with a dead cell phone. 

Food and Drink
She may not be able to eat solid food during labor and delivery, but you need to keep your strength up and you’re not being fed nutrients via an IV. 

  • Healthy, Lean, Portable Protein – Think nuts, trail mix and other simple sources of protein. 
  • Caffeine – If you’re used to drinking coffee in the morning and caffeinated sodas all day don’t pick this time to change your lifestyle habits. Kicking the caffeine habit now can lead to headaches, anxiousness and fatigue. Throw a couple caffeinated beverages in the bag for her sake. 

The Little Extras
There are some things that just don’t fall into a specific category, but they are extremely important for Daddy’s Hospital Kit. 

  • Quarters – There are lots of vending machines and you can never trust the dollar taker to work correctly. 
  • Over-the-Counter Pain Medications/Prescription Medications – You may have a headache or simply need your daily medications. Pack enough for two to three days. 

When she does into labor you will dart for that hospital bag, but remember to take a detour to pick up Daddy’s Hospital Kit. You never know when you’ll need something just for you. 

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