Fertility treatments are expensive and the treatment cannot be successful without fertility drugs. It is estimated that just one round of IVF costs about $14,000 and about $4,000 accounts for the drugs alone. Most insurance companies do not cover the cost of fertility treatments, so couples looking to save money wherever they can. With the popularity of the Internet, commerce has some dangerous black market deals. Couples are now searching online for fertility drugs and they are finding them at a fraction of the retail cost – but what is the real cost of buying second-hand drugs?

How Hard is it to Find Fertility Drugs for Sale Online?
The first search I did for fertility drugs for sale online resulted in a long list of forums where fertility patients – both male and female – were offering fertility drugs CHEAP. Menopure, for instance, was selling for $75 a vial or $125 for five vials. The retail cost online was $515. That one supplement alone could save couples nearly $400 per cycle – but IVF requires more than one drug most of the time. Drugs like Follistim, Gonal and Leuprolide Acetate were also available for sale. 

Are There Really Any Risks to Buying Second-Hand Fertility Drugs?
Yes, there is a huge risk to buying prescription medications from strangers across the United States. What is really in the medications? Was it watered down? Was it refrigerated or stored correctly? Was it stolen? Is the drug being offered anything but saline?

There is also the fact that buying prescription medications online is illegal, but it seems authorities are not as interested in bringing charges against people trying to conceive as those trying to buy pain medications and other illegal drugs online. 

If infertility treatments are the only way you’ll be able to conceive, try finding a clinic willing to offer services at reduced prices. Some couples actually receive medications and treatments free in exchange for being spokespeople for the clinic – so shop around, but don’t shop online for black market or second-hand fertility drugs.