Breast cancer awareness is a huge topic in the world. With early detection and proper treatment, many forms of breast cancer are treatable and curable, but just because the rate of breast cancer in men is much lower than women doesn’t mean men get away with skipping the monthly self-exam. Women have breasts and men have testes – both need to be checked every month.

The Monthly Testes Self-ExamShower
Hold on Mister, just because men don’t have to worry about breast cancer at the same rate as a woman doesn’t mean there’s nothing to feel up every month. The monthly testes self-exam is just as important as the monthly breast exam, but men simply don’t get the importance. If you were to survey men and women on the street about monthly self-exams, the number of women who self-check will be much higher than the number of men who self-check. Some men NEVER attempt a monthly testes self-exam.

How to Self-Check for Testicular Cancer
Here is the five-step process for completing the monthly testicular exam. Take note (literally write these down if you need to) and get to feeling those testicles.

  • Take a hot shower to relax the scrotal sac.
  • Stand in front of a mirror and look for swelling, redness or irregular shape.
  • Place your fingers under one testicle with your thumb on top.
  • Roll the testicle between your fingers and thumb.
  • Repeat with the other testicle.

Why Are Men Afraid of Doing Self-Exams?
Men aren’t afraid of doing self-exams; they are afraid of what they’ll find when they do. Many men also simply forget and never think about checking for testicular cancer.

What to Do if You Find a Lump or Feel Pain
If you feel a lump of any kind or if rolling the testicle between your fingers causes pain, you should contact your family physician or a urologist for a medical testicular exam. If found early, testicular cancer can be treated and cured and, in some cases, fertility preserved.

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