Holistic fertility may sound like a fancy term, but for most men it means nothing more than taking a close look at your personal health and making changes to improve it. Infertility used to be considered a female problem, but 50% of infertility is linked to male health issues – not female health issues – so men need to stand up and do everything they can to improve fertility. And they can start before they are even ready to start thinking about having children. 

Think Overall Health and Let Everything Else Fall in PlaceHolistic
Overall health is the goal of holistic fertility for men. Before making any drastic changes, think about your health from a broad perspective. Answer these questions to gauge just how close you are to optimum health. 

  • Are you overweight?
  • Do you watch caloric, fat, sodium intake?
  • Do you have high blood pressure?
  • Do you exercise daily?
  • Do you take a daily multi-vitamin?

Being overweight may not contribute to fertility issues in all men, but being overweight can increase risk of certain illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Being in good health is important to more than fertility – it is important to longevity. 

Even if you eat what you want, when you want and you are able to maintain a healthy weight does not mean you are in optimal health. High fat intake can cause a build-up of cholesterol and high sodium intake can cause high blood pressure. Watch what you eat to improve overall health. 

Medications used to treat high blood pressure can cause male infertility if you are taking calcium channel blockers. Check with your doctor to see if an alternative medication can be prescribed and talk about lifestyle changes to improve high blood pressure naturally. 

Exercise is a crucial part of overall health and wellness. Men who exercise tend to be healthier and live longer, but there are concerns about ultra or strenuous exercise and fertility. Extreme exercise can affect testosterone levels and that could, in turn, affect fertility. So, exercise, but keep to regular moderate exercise and leave the marathon running to the professionals. 

Multi-vitamins are the perfect addition to your daily regime, but the American Pregnancy Association claims multi-vitamins, fertility vitamins and prenatal vitamins are all ideal for improving your fertility health. 

Other Holistic Options
When it comes to holistic medicine, there are many options for improving overall health, including massage, acupuncture and relaxation exercises. Stress plays a huge role in infertility and increased risk of illness. Improve overall health with holistic lifestyle changes and you may find your fertility improves as well.