When someone thinks about gender selection, the first thoughts are like a scene from a Hollywood movie. Unfortunately, everyday life does not pattern the silver screen. Gender selection is the process of splitting male and female sperm in order to select one gender to fertilize the egg.

Thoughts raced through my mind as to why someone would endure this process just to produce a child? But I already knew the answer from personal experience. Being the first male child in my family in more than 30 years, I faced the idea of not producing an “heir” to the family name. I had two daughters and no sons.

The first thing I thought about was the cost involved with gender selection. Was producing a boy truly worth the cost? Was I alone in my thought process?

Throughout history, men have gone to extreme measures in order to produce a male child. What didn’t cross my mind were the benefits of female offspring. A daughter can carry on the family name as well as the same gene pool. After thinking about the procedure, associated costs and less than 100-percent accuracy, I chose to take my chances and let nature take its course even if that meant my strong X chromosomes overpowered my Y chromosomes and I produced another girl.  

After years of trying, my wife and I conceived child number three and four. To our delight, we became pregnant with fraternal twins, one girl and one boy. Although nature ran its course and fulfilled my need for a son, not every parent is as fortunate. Couples should realize there are several fertility options available to parents when they think having children is virtually impossible, including gender selection.