hello everyone. im feelin real upset and needed to talk to someone.ive been married for near 4  years.I got pregnant in march . me and hubby were over moon as was family.I had all the classic pregnancy symptoms .At abouts 6 .5 wk my symptoms dissapeared.was worried at first but every1 told me i was being paranoid.then at 10 wk 3days i got light bleeding .I thought maybe it was due 2 intercourse but still i was terrified .2 days later i was given ultrasound, it showed no heartbeat and fetus measuring only 6 wk 5 days. i was gutted. Had a d and c last sunda [Istill feel a bit sore.] I feel so empty now, like i have no purpose.we want to try again after 1 cycle but im so scared its gonna happen again. thanks 4 reading.