i am 17 years old with a pretty regular period . i got my period on the 1st of february and again on the 1st of march . i should have gotten it again on the 29th following my 28 day cycle but it is now the 5th of april and i am a week late . the first few days i thought i was going to be getting my period because i was experiencing period like symptoms so i thought . the past week i been having some abdominal cramping here and there and more discharge than usual ( thats why i thought i was getting my period ) . i also been having this headache that seems to never go away besides for a few minutes then its right back again . i feel i look a little bloated and i stay in bed pretty much all day whether its sleeping or just not wanted to get up . i also been getting cranky for the dumbest reasons ( i feel bad for my boyfriend (: ) if i was to be pregnant i dont know if its too early to crave but i find myself craving salt and vinegar chips daily . i had sex with my boyfriend throughout my fertile days , i had sex 3 days before i ovulated and the day of ( sorry if too much information but kinda desperate to any ideas ) im trying to holdp back on taking a pregnancy test even though it is hard to resist . does anyone have any ideas to if i could be pregnant or not ?