Finding out that you are unable to have a baby naturally is a very devastating time for a couple. In addition to that, the invasive fertility treatments that you need to go through to try to conceive are not only physically challenging but are also emotionally taxing for both partners.

Often times couples going through difficult fertility treatments such as IUI and IVf, get frustrated and this affects their marital relationship in a negative way. However, both need to understand that it is a mutually tough time and they need each other’s complete love and support during this time.

Since it’s a difficult period, particularly for the wife, who is experiencing weird changes in the body due to very high hormone levels and invasive procedures, she is likely to get irritable and short-tempered. If the husband shows compassion and love at this time, it is bound to ease the friction to quite an extent. That said; it is important even for the wife to be sympathetic towards his emotions and understand that he is equally concerned by all the changes taking place in their lives.

Speaking from experience, I recommend that it’s important to take time out for each other even during the fertility treatment, so that you do not drift apart. Both partners should be considerate of each other’s feelings, and be patient about the situation at hand.

When I went through IVF, my husband was very supportive and extra caring. We actually took time out of all the chaos just to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Whether it was a dinner at our favorite restaurant, a movie if we got off work early or just a walk on the beach together we made sure we did something to relax. Those special moments made all the fertility treatment related stress disappear and it strengthened our relationship even more!