Hi everyone, I am new here. I'm 26 yrs old.. my last period was august 6 or 8 im not quite sure (sorry). My bf and i had unprotected sex on august 27, september 1,4,15 & 27. I am irregular but according to my lists of menstruation 45/46 days is my longest cycle. I'm quite confuse because its been 54/52 days (3weeks) since my first period and i dont have any signs yet, only cramping (little), back ache, sore breast and nipples plus im always totally hungry every minute (my tummy is grumbling), i pee a lot and sometimes i'm too sleepy especially when i'm too tired, but im a nocturnal type of person. By the way i saw a mucus an egg yolk like while im urinating last september 14. And on september 19 I've noticed 3 dots of very light spots on my underwear thought it was a sign of getting my period but its gone in just a minute. Can someone help me understand what's goin on with me? Thank you in advance. Have a pleasant day everyone. i took pt last september 21 and it turned negative. Am I or not pregnant? or could i be pregnant?