Hi, O am 42 years old and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant now for 8 years. only this Past year have we started to see any luck.  This past March we, for the first time, got a Positive on the HPT (Home Pregnancy Test)  so we went to the Clinic to have blood work done to verify.  All tests came back positive.  We were both so very happy and no less than two weeks we were hit with disaster.  I started bleeding and having severe abdominal pains,  it was a Friday night.  by Saturday  morning the bleeding had not stopped but the pain had subsided. we went to the doctor first thing on Saturday morning ad the Dr. prescribed a medicine to calm the uterus, he said that it was spasming and there was a risk that we would loose the child.  As you may have guessed, i miscarried on the following Tuesday,  Drained and distraught feeling like I was worthless, with the consoling of my hubby we got back on the horse as it were.  Three months later I was pregnant once again, Oh what Joy. . . . It did not last!     After having my second miscarriage  we went to a specialist and have had every blood test and ultrasound done.  All tests have been positive.  Physically there is NOTHING that is impeding us to have a baby.  My husband had some tests done as well.  between the two of us there are NO diseases and nothing to inhibit the possibility of childbearing.  All his "swimmers"are fine.

It is now two months since we have been taking Clomid and the Dr. says so far all we need to do is "Practice"   Coming up on my next menstrual cycle here pretty soon and Lets pray that it is time.    

One question I have is that what could be causing the miscarriages?  my Dr. has not given me a clear answer she says there is nothing wrong with me nor with my husband. So why could this be happening?