My last period was on January 13, 2011. My periods come every 31 days and the duration of them are 5-6 days. 

The fertility calender says that I should have become fertile on the 25th of January. That gave me a window of 6 days. So the 25th through the 30th.

My hubby and I had sexual intercourse on the 22nd, 23d, 27th, and 28th of January. I researched and understand that sperm can live in your body for up to 5 days or possibly lower (48 hours). The research all differs. It's hard to find a reliable source. 

I've started to get the following symptoms today: Nausea, headache, lack of appetite due to nausea, sore breasts, cramping in the lower abdomen, a small amount of faint brown discharge after I wiped (TMI lol), dizziness, and I feel so exhausted! 

It only took 2 months to get pregnant with my little girl. I didn't find out that I was pregnant until I was 3 months. I didn't experience symptoms until I was 3 months.

My period isn't due until the 13th. My period has always been constantly on time.

I know that experts say that it is absurd to have symptoms this early but I think otherwise. You know your body more than anybody else and anything can happen with the human body. You never know what your body is capable of and women are all different. 

I want to know if you experienced any early symptoms of pregnancy like I think I am and your opinion. 

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