Today was a one of those beautiful Colorado fall days. The air was cool, but the sun was intense enough to warm bear skin for a bit.  I woke up early to do Yoga before the rest of the house woke up and then had some tea while reading "Making Babies." 

As I washed windows, cooked and gardened I tried to enjoy each activity and feel peace.  My energy was low from a late night the night before so I went for a slow and mindful walk instead of a run or speed walk.  I was blessed with the concept that "I AM FERTILE."  I am fertile for change, I am fertile for love, I am fertile for friendship, I am fertile for joy, I am fertile for hope and I am fertile for faith.  This was a beautiful thing to realize and to repeat to myself as I enjoyed the golden leaves and dwindling trickle of the creak.  After feeling infertile for over 2 years, this is a wonderful realization.

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