Last month, before my trip with my boyfriend, he told his entire family and friends that I was pregnant. I thought I was, and so did he so I went with the flow. When we returned from our trip the pregnancy tests were negative.

We've been trying to conceive since March. I recently got off of the Implanon birth control in February. My last normal menstrual was may 3rd to the 7th. We've constantly had unprotected sex the entire month of may. Mid may I've noticed there was an abnormal increase of white milky odorless itch less discharge. From June 1st to the 3rd there was light bleeding didn't seem like a period. There weren't many cramps, but there was tiny blood clots that I never had before. Usually, my menstrual blood increases. The blood throughout that time was decreasing. It was enough blood to use a tampon. It was mainly blood when I wiped.

Today I took a pregnancy test, and the result was negative again. I have pregnancy symptoms which are increased milky white odorless discharge, small sharp pains in my lower right abdominal area mainly at night, really bad gas, burping, fatigue, somewhat tender breasts, and cravings.

My boyfriend's entire family keeps asking me whose far am I, did I go to the doctor's yet, and why not. I am not sure of what to do since I already went along with it. They want me to make a drs appt Friday, but If the test comes up negative again I am going to look bad. Could I have conceived right before the bleeding and it's too early to tell? What could be the problem? What should I do? Should I schedule for a ultrasound? Go to a planned parenthood? Or find an gynecologist?