We've been TTC since January, but got even more serious about it in June.  I've always had very irregular periods and have been on bc since my early twenties to better regulate me. I stopped taking my bc right before Christmas 2009.

It's been difficult, tiring and a bit frustrating to figure out when I ovulate, bc it seems to be different each month.  I got really tired of peeing on those sticks and I had to do it a lot because I didn't want to miss it.  

I've been a few days late before, but have always felt plenty of cramping and all that jazz when you just KNOW your period is on its way.

So that brings me to this very moment right now.  I've started the last few months on the 10th, 11th or 12th.  I think once back in the summer I was pretty late and didn't get my visit until the 14th or 15th(but was feeling it).  Today is the 14th.  No period.  Nothing down there.  I feel some very mild cramps. Or gas.  Yeah, I've had gas. It feels like maybe I MIGHT get my period. Or not.  My body feels very iffy right now.  I took a home pregnancy test Friday as soon as I got home from work.  I was so excited I messed up the 1st one and didn't even get a reading.  Waited til I actually needed to pee and got a big fat negative.  That joker didn't even wait and let me be nervous. Just popped up that one blue line immediately.  So I told my husband I was glad because at least now I knew what I was waiting for.  But that hasn't even happened.  So now I'm just in this wierd limbo.  Am I pregnant, or is my period just being cruel and taunting me?

To Be Continued.......

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