I love acupuncture in general. I've been a fan of it ever since I inadvertently went to an acupuncturist when I was 25. I didn't know that's what she did, as her business was called Natural Health Center of Aloma, rathr than having anything about acupuncture in the title. So I was a bit surprised when she wanted to put needles in me after doing my initial consultation. I was there for relaxation at the time, and the acupuncture worked wonders. It actually even felt good, better than a massage most of the time (at least to me). I went there weekly for the next two years until my wonderful acupuncturist moved away. I've been to others over the years and they were all great. My first one, though, was the only one I developed a real, deep bond with as friends as well as patient/acupuncturist.

I'll recommend acupuncture to anyone for practically anything. It is, simply, amazing. The first time I tried fertility acupuncture two years ago, I noticed an immediate difference in my cycle the first month. That was with a combination of acupuncture and a special fertility herb blend the acupuncturist ordered for me. My cycle was of a much higher quality than usual that month. I still didn't get pregnant after trying it, but I only did it for one cycle, and I know now that there were other elements of things I needed to be doing that were missing. Acupuncture would now be done in conjunction with many other things. They were all pieces to the complete picture of a pregnant me.

Luckily, the lady I'd been to two years ago was still in business in the same place, and her receptionist said they still had my records on file. This was good, because it meant I'd be seeing someone who was already familiar with me and my needs, and I wouldn't have to go searching for a new fertility acupuncturist who was close by. I made an appointment for just before my traditional fertile days started, and was super eager to get my fertility chi flowing once again. I could almost feel my uterine lining thickening with all the things I was doing to help it be baby-ready. Acupuncture was going to be awesome as always, and I'd keep it up this time until I was pregnant.

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