A week and two days past my period due date and no period had me concerned. I'd only taken the first week of the new pack of birth control pills, so I figured maybe a week late was reasonable. However, this extra two days now had me concerned. Other than some very slight breast tenderness, there were none of the usual signs of my period starting. I couldn't even get started with fertility acupuncture and more intrauterine insemination until I had my period and knew my cycles were back on track.

A friend of mine who is my age was having irregular periods all of a sudden with no discernable cause. She suddenly started having periods that lasted weeks, then would go two or three months without one. This just started happening to her last fall, and her doctor had no explanation for it. It wasn't early menopause, as they tested her for that and it was negative. Her cycle just got really messed up for no apparent reason. I hoped stopping the birth control pills in the middle of the pack hadn't done that to me.

In the meantime, I was still waiting on my refund from the fertility clinic. Not only could I not schedule acupuncture, buy fertility herbs, get the fertility hypnosis program I wanted, or schedule insemination without getting my period, I couldn't do any of that without my clinic refund check, either. The receptionist there had said I would probably get the check around the first week of January. When the first day of the first full week of January came around and I didn't have the check, I started to get impatient. When the second day of the first full week came and there was still no check, I wondered if I should call the clinic again and see what was going on with it. I had babies to make and I needed that money to help me do it.

I figured I'd try to be patient enough to give them the whole week to send the check before calling. I couldn't guarantee I wouldn't call before that, though. Making babies waits for no man (or clinic)!