There are tons of serious things you'll learn about your pregnancy along the way, but some things you won't learn from any doctor.


You will have gas when you're pregnant and you may not be able to control when it comes out. Pregnant women tell hilarious stories of passing gas during sex and sonograms. 

Water Breaks

Some women trickle and other women gush. There is no way of knowing how your water will break or where it will break, but rest assured it doesn't happen in public for the majority of pregnant women. 

Stinky Burps

Your tummy is working overtime to process the food your eating for you and baby. Sometimes things can back up a bit creating a terrible case of burps and some smell pretty foul. 

Memory Lapse

If you wake up one morning and you hand your son his sister's clothes and pack lunch for your toddler who's not even in school you are not alone. Memory lapse is just part of pregnancy. Later in life, you'll use it as a weapon against your children. 


Pee is supposed to be kept in the bladder until you take a bathroom break, but pregnancy changes all that. With pressure from your growing uterus and those kicking legs and punching hands constantly battering the bladder, there is bound to be some leakage. Some women experience a light trickle and others a gush. You'll be happy to learn that some of that leakage can stick around well after the baby has started college. 

Pregnancy is fun, beautiful and absolutely amazing. It can also be horrifying, embarrassing and downright disgusting. Life in a pregnant body is devoid of rules so take the embarrassing moments as they come because you'll never experience another pregnancy like this one. 

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