From conception to pregnancy and childbirth to child rearing, you probably think you've heard and seen everything. Until your child drops one of those common but tough questions. I've always welcoming the tough questions my children pose because it means I've raised kids who want to know more than society offers answers to.

Be Prepared
This is the best piece of advice I can give any new parent. Think about the hardest questions you believe you will have to answer as a parent and learn the most educated answer.

The one topic that comes to mind is sex. From Hollywood to home, sex questions from kids are awkward, but they don't have to be. Answer those sex questions and other difficult topics with real, researched information and you'll do fine. 

Ask for Help if You Don't Know an Answer
When my youngest daughter started asking questions about food allergies just after her twin was prescribed Epi-pens for a peanut allergy, I didn't know how to answer her questions. I told her to write the questions down and at her brother's next appointment she asked the allergist. She felt empowered and I learned something new too.

Take the Team Approach When Necessary
For topics that are just too hard to handle on your own, team up with your partner or spouse to tackle the toughest topics. When you feel the need to walk away for a moment, hand the discussion over to your partner and he can do the same when you return. 

Parenting is not all kisses, cries, love and hugs. There are tough times ahead with arguments, disappointment, struggle and some pretty tough questions. I constantly remind my children to ask every question they have as soon as possible or write it down for later. As prepared as I have been my children still managed to surprise me a few times over the years and that's exactly what every parent should expect.