Beach season is fast approaching, which means women are watching what they eat, working out like banshees and trying to slim down to look awesome in that itsy, bitsy bikini. But, there are some women who'll be spending the summer with an ever-growing tummy. If you're expecting this summer, is it okay to show off that baby tummy in a skimpy two-piece?

Beach Baby

Health Matters - Keep That Tummy in the Shade

While you may love getting a beautiful tan laying out on the beach in your tiny, two-piece, baby doesn't like the heat as much as you do. With the sun's rays bouncing off the sand and water, not only is your body temperature on the rise, but so are your chances of sun burn and heat exhaustion. Increased body temperature is not safe when pregnant, which is why pregnant women are not supposed to use heated Jacuzzi tubs or taking really hot showers while pregnant. 

Just remember the three S’s of beach safety - stay hydrated, stay cool and stay healthy.

Now, Back to the Question of Etiquette

Wearing a tiny, string bikini when you're eight months pregnant may seem like a great idea, but not really. Your tummy needs support right now and a tiny two-piece is just not supportive. If you're planning on sitting in the shade you might be able to pull it off but if you're going to be walking the beach, pick a one piece designed for pregnant women with tummy support, especially if you’re already experiencing back pain. 

If you’re still in the first or second trimester and you want to bear it all on the beach – are you really worried about etiquette?

Beach wear for pregnant women may not be the hit on the beaches of Rio, but you have no one to impress. Choose a bathing suit that supports your tummy and looks great on your beautiful glowing body.

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