After passing two blood glucose tests and failing nearly all the urine glucose tests in the office – I faced the ultimate in lab tests, the 5-hour glucose test. The test is not normally needed during uneventful, normal pregnancies, but my pregnancy was anything but normal. The 1-hour glucose tolerance test was pretty enjoyable, like having candy first thing in the morning. The 3-hour was a bit more boring and I was famished when I was finally able to leave. By the time I finished up the 5-hour glucose tolerance test, I thought I was going to die.

Arrival – 8:40 AM
Headed into the lab waiting room. Signed in and went back for the initial blood draw. The nurse left a port (Heparin Lock) in place so I would not have to go through five more needle draws throughout the morning and early afternoon.
Front Desk – 8:55 AM
Headed over to the front desk for my thick, syrupy drink. I love the cola flavor but they are out. I choose the orange flavor, which is way too strong, but hey – it is all sugar. I drink the thick orange juice within a minute and return to the desk. They start the timer for the first blood draw.

First Draw – 9:55 AM
I head back for the first draw. I’m hungry and hyper at this point, but nothing exciting or eventful is going on. The nurse pulls the blood and I return to my seat within minutes.

Second Draw – 11:00 AM

I was in the bathroom at 10:55 AM so my second draw is a little late. Again, nothing exciting, but I am really hungry and I want a diet Pepsi.
Third Draw – 11:55 AM
Still feel good, but I could really use a nap and a large meal. I have never been this hungry in my entire life. Nurse blood draw goes great.

Fourth Draw – 12:55 PM
Some woman came in the waiting room about three minutes before the lab tech called me back for my fourth draw. She was eating a granola bar and I was about to tackle her for the bar, but I don’t have the energy to tackle anyone.

Fifth and Last Draw – 1:55 PM
By the time the last draw came around I was about to give up on this entire ordeal. I am sooo hungry at this point that I can barely talk. I need to eat something and lay down right now.

At the end of the testing my results came back positive, but I failed another urine test later in the pregnancy and was forced to do an 8-hour glucose test, which was just more of the same.