Forty years ago women breastfed unless it was medically impossible because that was just the way it was. Breastmilk was there for a reason, right, so why not use it? Today, women are heading back to work just weeks after baby is born and that means no time for breastfeeding. Some women actually have no interest in breastfeeding because it makes them feel as if they are not in control of their own lives and that baby has more control than they do. There are even women who want to lose that baby weight so fast that they cannot be bothered with breastfeeding. A thousand and one reasons exist to breastfeed and a thousand and one reasons exist why women do not want to breastfeed – which woman is the better mother?

I’ll take you back a few years – 15 to be exact. I gave birth to my first baby and I knew I wanted to breastfeed baby for the entire first year. I brought baby home and started on the journey of being the perfect mom – then, something strange happened. Baby no longer wanted my breastmilk about three months later. She was cranky and gassy and I changed my diet to nothing but bland foods just like the doctor ordered –but it simply did not work. Something wasn’t right so I changed to formula and the baby was happy again. The same thing happened with my second baby and by the time I gave birth to twins many years later, I did not want to take the chance so I chose formula from the start. I am not a bad mom because I could not breastfeed – I am just a different mom. 

Some moms try to breastfeed and others choose to formula feed. There are health benefits associated with breastfeeding, but the advances in nutrition make formula extremely wholesome and healthy today. 

You are not a bad mother because you choose not to breastfeed. You are not less of a woman because you choose to formula feed. Women have the right to choose, but women should also be informed about ALL the available choices. Breastmilk is best and women can just as easily pump and store for baby as she can mix formula for baby.