Depression is a common issue during pregnancy. Hormone changes, thoughts of your upcoming parenthood and life changes can wreak havoc on your emotional state. There’s a difference between the occasional bout of the blues all women feel during pregnancy and depression that lasts for long stretches of time or recurs over and over again. There is help out there and options for the pregnant woman.

Do the Edinburgh Depression Scale to find out if you have postpartum depression

Seek Help Immediately

If you’re feeling depressed during your pregnancy, seek medical attention immediately. Many pregnant women choose to talk with their obstetrician about their depression. Often, the obstetrician will suggest the patient see a psychologist or psychiatrist for further help. 

Psychologists may work hand-in-hand with psychiatrists to treat pregnancy depression. The psychologist is there to talk with you about your feelings of depression. The doctor may ask for multiple visits to find the root cause of the feelings you’re having and give you relaxation and stress-relieving exercises to help you overcome your feelings of depression. If medication is necessary, a psychiatrist may be asked to consult on the case or work with you to find a safe medication to help control your depression while protecting your baby. Your psychiatrist and psychologist may work directly with your obstetrician to ensure the correct medication is chosen for your overall health and well-being. 

Depression is not your fault. Life changes constantly when you’re pregnant, but so do the hormone levels in your body and together those two changes can contribute to increased depressive feelings. Seeking help for depression can give you the support you need to climb out of the hole depression throws you in and take control of your feelings once more. You deserve to feel good during your pregnancy.