A couple in Russia gave birth to what appeared to be a healthy baby girl in 2011. Three months after birth, her grandmother noticed pubic hair had already started growing. When the baby girl's parents took her to the doctor to find out what was happening, they were told she was going through puberty at only three months old. The pubic hair was just the start, the infant started growing breasts and a monthly menstruation cycle. Some experts suggested chemotherapy and others suggests no treatment at all – but what would you do?

What Causes Puberty at Three Months Old?
The cause of the infants early-onset puberty was associated with higher than normal hormone levels. According to the medical report, tests came back with hormone levels five times that of a normal adult female, but the cause of the increased hormone level was not noted. Doctors claim she will need hormonal therapy for at least 12 years given as yearly injections, but the parents are unsure if they will be able to afford the treatment, as of 2011. 

Where is the Infant Now?
That infant would now be around 18 months old, but there have been no medical updates on her condition. I was able to find various study articles out of Russia on precocious puberty and early-onset sexual maturation from the late 1980s, but nothing newer or relevant in terms of this infant or other infants with a condition even similar to hers. 

What Would You Do?
If your infant girl started going through puberty at just three months of age -what would you do? How would you handle raising an infant with the pains and struggles of puberty so early in life? It is inevitable that most parents would seek medical attention, but I cannot imagine the mental stress something like this must place on a family, especially when there are no other cases on which to base treatment or even learn additional information. 

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