The natural pregnancy timing allows about two years between births. This means many parents have a toddler in diapers when baby number two comes along. Potty training advocates believe training can start as early as 12 months for some children and as late as 24 months (two years) for others. Elimination muscles mature during this time with an average age of 18 months for full muscle maturity. This is the reason potty training experts say toddlers should start potty training at 18 months – not because they are all emotionally ready, but because the body is physically capable of learning how to hold it at 18 months. 

Having Two in Diapers – Ugh!Diapers
When you think about trying to conceive with a toddler at home, the topic of diapers is bound to come up. I promised myself I would start trying to conceive baby number two when baby number one was potty trained. My idea was the cost of diapers would not be an issue because one was out and the other was in. That didn’t exactly work as I ended up getting pregnant earlier than expected and gave birth to baby number two when baby number one was just 18 months old. She did not potty train until she was three and a half. Baby number two potty trained at almost the exact same time. 

Having two in diapers was more costly, but having my toddler in diapers when baby number two was born was actually easier. I didn’t have messes to worry about and by the time my first child was ready to potty train, she was emotionally (not just physically) ready for the change. 

No two children are the same and no two couples feel the same way about potty training. I am a hands-off parent. I never weaned my children from the bottle or bothered with the hassle of formal potty training. My pediatrician told me, when my twins were three and still in diapers, you don’t see children in kindergarten in diapers because they know how to potty train on their own. My twins potty trained at three and a half without help.