I’ve heard some weird questions through the years, but probably the weirdest is about naming your baby bump. Now, I’m not talking about naming the baby and calling your baby bump baby’s name. I’m talking about giving the baby bump a name all its own and then naming baby after birth. My immediate reaction is that the practice is silly, at best. At worst, I think it could be extremely confusing to baby. Some of the names I’ve heard mentioned in pregnancy forums and in person include:


  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Bean
  • Bollo
  • Garfield
  • Jack
  • Bump
  • Beanie
  • Mo
  • Big Bong
  • Peanut
  • Pip
  • Marshmallow
  • Daisy Locks

Can Baby Bump Names Really Confuse Baby?
There is very little intimate knowledge about what baby knows and understands in utero. What we do know is that the fetus can hear well before being born. The voices of both mom and dad are recognized even before baby is born, so why would the same sound being heard over and over again not become familiar. There are stories of songs being played throughout pregnancy and those same songs being the only songs baby will calm down to after birth – so there is some connection between the audible and the mental connection between parents and infant.

Baby bump names are cute and cuddly just like baby, but is there a real reason to give your bump a name or should you just call the bump baby until you know the gender?

Give us your take on naming baby bump.