As the year comes to a close and you haven’t found the right fertility solution to help you conceive, it may be time to take a new look at your fertility. Some couples spend years and tens of thousands of dollars with one doctor and one prescribed path to conception, but fertility options are changing all the time and you may find better luck changing doctors, if only for a consult and a fresh set of eyes. 

What Have You Done?Glasses
Gather all medical records from your current doctor. This includes blood tests,treatments and any medical notes the doctor has made about your case. If you’ve kept any records at home, including a fertility calendar, body temperature readings and cervical mucus tracking, gather that information as well. 

What Can You Do?
Take this information to a new fertility doctor who can read through everything you’ve been through with a new set of eyes. The doctor may have a new idea about how to optimize your fertility or he/she may notice something in the blood work/testing that could be a contributing factor in your infertility. 

How to Break it to Your Doctor?
You can be completely honest with your fertility doctor. Tell him/her that you need a fresh look at your medical condition in hopes of finding a new path and new treatment options that will result in conception. The doctor is there to help you conceive and he will understand what you’re looking to accomplish by seeing another specialist. 

Are You Obligated to Switch to the New Doctor?
No, you are not obligated to switch your care from one doctor to another just because you seek a second opinion. After the consultation, talk with your current fertility doctor about your consultation. If blood tests or other fertility testing was ordered by the consulting physician, share these results with your current doctor as well. You can even talk with your doctor about the treatment path the consulting doctor suggested. 

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