Tinkering here and there is one of the best mood lifters in life. Hobbies can be fun and addictive, but not all hobbies are safe during pregnancy. While twisting metal into jewelry or drawing your rendition of the Beatles on sketch paper is not likely to negatively impact your pregnancy, you may be surprised by some of the hobbies that could be unsafe. 


Some paints and painting supplies give off fumes that may not be safe if breathed in an enclosed space. If you love to paint and you want to keep your hobby while pregnant, just switch to a space that is open and well-ventilated – the more air movement the better, so set up a fan pushing the fumes to an open window or paint outside. 

Model Assembly

For the same reason painting could be an issue so could assembling models. This time the paint and glue used in model building can be harmful to the fetus. Again, move to a large open space and ventilate the area well. 


Ahhh, the great outdoor pass time – gardening. While this hobby is generally considered safe, there are a few things you need to protect yourself against now that you’re carrying baby. Cats can use your garden as a litter box whenever they like. Toxoplasmosis is present in cat feces, so wear gloves every time you work in the garden. You may be surprised to know that snakes and birds also carry the disease. 

Another possible hidden danger is chemical pesticides. You may think that “green” pesticide you’re using is safe to be around while you’re pregnant, but it is best to be certain. Call the company, ask your doctor or do a little research on your own regarding the active and inactive ingredients in your pesticide. 

Having a hobby is extremely important in life, but choosing a safe hobby or altering your hobby to increase safety during pregnancy is extremely important. 

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