Demi Moore is 48 and Ashton Kutcher is 33. The couple claimed to have no interest in the age gap when they were first married, but the tides may be turning a bit as Ashton and Demi appear to be parting ways. With rumors of an impending break-up caused by a cheating Ashton, we wonder if the rumors have a deeper seeded cause. Ashton is young, gorgeous and childless. At 48, there is little chance Demi will be having any more children in the future, so where does that leave Ashton?

Steve Ward, an expert on relationships and master matchmaker claims Ashton is looking for validation from younger women, which could be caused by his need for a family. Demi has children with former husband Bruce Willis, but that isn’t the same as starting a family of your own.

The couple has spoken about having children in the past, but they’ve had no luck thus far. According to Ashton, he wants to have children, but the couple is letting nature take control of the reigns. Statistically, Demi Moore has a small chance of conceiving naturally. Even with fertility treatments, the star may have to resort to adopting.