Jessica Simpson is thought to be pregnant with the baby of Tony Romo. The media is all abuzz with the pictures of Jessica Simpson’s weight gain. The weight gain was first noticed on the performance stage with photos instantly hitting the blogs and gossip mags. The outfit was outrageous, a combination of “mom” jeans and a waistline far too high for her own good, but there was more to this weight gain than meets the eye according to some.

Jessica Simpson, famed for her sexy body, sexy voice and “blond” attitude, is thought to be pregnant with the baby of Tony Romo. Tony Romo is the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and has caught as much media attention from the fans for dating Jessica Simpson as Jessica has about being pregnant. This is not, however, the first relationship for Jessica Simpson to reach the serious level.

Before dating Tony Romo and being thought pregnant, Jessica Simpson was the wife of Nick Lachey. Famous in his own right for being a member of a boy band, the marriage was publicized as part of a reality television program for a number of years. The couple soon grew tired of each other and decided to part ways. Jessica Simpson, after the divorce, took a bit of time to recoup and then hit the ground running. She took part in movies as well as recording.

The beginning of the relationship between Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo was the first huge step back into the media attention after the divorce. Jessica did hit the pages for brief periods of time as she jumped from boyfriend to boyfriend between Nick Lachey and Tony Romo, but the Romo connection is a long lasting relationship thus sparking the word “Pregnancy” in the news.

If Jessica Simpson is pregnant with Tony Romo’s baby, the 26 year old will be one of the youngest mommies in Hollywood. Celebrity moms normally start having children well into their 30s and 40s. These baby rumors are not public as of yet because Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson are not ready to tell the world about their coming bundle of joy. Some friends believe this is just due to the fact that the couple wants to keep things under wraps until later in the pregnancy.

To top off the pregnancy rumors are the rumors of a “false positive” pregnancy result. The result was passed on to the Romo family and when the test was later proven wrong, the family was taken aback. The struggle to get pregnant may have something to do with Jessica Simpson’s sister Ashlee Simpson and her new baby with hubby rocker. Ashlee Simpson is younger than Jessica and babies can be contagious in a family that close.

Jessica Simpson started out in the world as a sex symbol and is now throwing around pregnancy and false pregnancy rumors. There is little doubt that she wants to have a baby with Tony Romo, but the time to have that baby may not be right now. Only the tummy pictures will prove the rumors true or false in this case of, “Where’s the Romo baby?”

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