It seems that a photo captured of Sarah Palin just 23 days before she gave birth to her child did not show a tummy.

Just a few short months ago, the blogs were all abuzz with rumors about Sarah Palin. There was the huge turmoil over her beliefs and practices as Governor of Alaska and the conflict she seemed to have with the media and with John McCain. But, there was very little doubt that the baby her husband carried on the stage was their own! Until – one fate filled night – someone noticed the lack of intimacy between the mother and the baby.

On stage, Sarah Palin was in the middle of a debate. After the debate, the husband came up  on the stage with the baby in question in his arms. Mom said hi and then went on her way shaking hands and addressing voters. How could a mother with a young child just brush off the child she gave birth to such a short time before. The media (or the bloggers) were on the case and the results of the search could have been one of the major reasons why John McCain was not elected to office.

It seems that a photo captured of Sarah Palin just 23 days before she gave birth to her child did not show a tummy. The fact is, there was no baby bump there even by Hollywood standards. Just two weeks later, there was a baby bump and a large on in an independent video shot of Sarah Palin. One week before the baby was born, there was another photo taken with the tummy being even bigger than before. Further investigation lead bloggers to a family picture taken when any normal woman would have been showing and the only tummy in the picture is that of Sarah Palin’s daughter.

In light of the pregnancy announced on the campaign trail, there is little doubt that Sarah Palin really cares whether or not people approve of her life or the choices of her daughter. But, there are few facts supporting the information given on the Sarah Palin pregnancy. At the age of 44, a pregnancy that late in life may have shown differently, but not showing at all for 7 months and hiking at 6 months just does not add up to giving birth at 9 months. Sarah Palin even did an interview that consisted of a hike while she was supposed to be pregnant and never said a word to the interviewer about her condition.

At the end of the Presidential election, there was no Sarah Palin in office. She now resides in Alaska and is still in the media attention for some of the choices she has made as Governor. Her daughter, the teenage mommy of another Palin baby, has recently been interviewed by Fox television. In the interview, Sarah Palin’s daughter speaks about pregnancy, being pregnant and the fact that abstinence is an unreal expectation for the teenage community. This, after stating that teens should not be having sex at all. It seems that hypocrisy may run in the family. Do we have another Republican running mate on the horizon?