Getting Pregnant

For many couples getting pregnant is easy. However, for others getting pregnant can take a long time and they have to resort to reproductive technology. For this reason, there is a growing number of couples whose first step when trying to get pregnant is to learn more about all the ways they can get pregnant faster and healthier.
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Fertility 101: Get Pregnant Fast In 12 Lessons

Dr.Amos Grunebaum and his BabyMed staff have put together all the tools and information for getting pregnant. ... more »

Sex Getting Pregnant And During Pregnancy And

Sexual intercourse and sex before and during pregnancy are essential when getting pregnant and trying to conceive. BabyMed helps you sort through all the information you need to know. ... more »

Pregnancy Symptoms - Am I Pregnant?

Answers to all your questions about early signs and symptoms of pregnancy. In addition to the common pregnancy signs and symptoms you may also want to read more about physical pregnancy signs. ... more »

Conception- What Are The Odds Getting Pregnant

Your chances getting pregnant depend on many variables including your age, your frequency of having intercourse, when you have intercourse, and other variables. ... more »

7 Things You Did Not Know About Birth Control and Getting Pregnant

1).  Expect 30 years of birth control Surveys indicate most women in the US want two children.  To limit family size to two kids, birth control measures will be needed for about 30 years. ... more »

7 Things You Did Not Know About Getting Pregnant in Your 30s

These seven things here that tell you what you did not know about getting pregnant in Your 30s: 1)   Get check-ups before trying to get pregnant ... more »

20 Things You Probably Don't Know About Making Babies

You may know all the smoothest moves and have pillow talk perfected to the point of poetry but there’s more to making babies than that. Check out these 20 things you probably don’t know. ... more »

Boost Fertility Naturally with These 5 Foods

Baby-making can be as delicious as it is fun. These five foods are not just yummy, they deliver nutrients that boost a woman's fertility and create optimum health during pregnancy and breastfeeding. ... more »

The BabyMed Fertility 101 University Course

Dr. Amos Grunebaum and his BabyMed staff offer many useful tips to help you increase your chances of pregnancy and carrying a healthy baby to term. ... more »

When to Work on Growing Your Family

Times have changed. Couples are now living together for years, sometimes even decades, before choosing when to work on growing a family. ... more »

Take Sex Out of the Bedroom When Trying to Conceive (TTC)

The bedroom is your place of business when you are trying to conceive (TTC), but that does not mean you have to limit your sexual encounters to the bedroom. ... more »

Trying to Conceive (TTC): Bringing Romance Back to the Relationship

Operation Baby is in full effect and you are tracking body temperature, checking cervical mucus, eating healthy and exercising daily to optimize fertility. Everything is on track for conception, but it is just not working. ... more »

Will I Get Pregnant if I Have Sex During My Period?

You would think with the body expelling the uterine lining during your menstrual cycle that sex during menstruation should be the safest time to go unprotected, but that is not the case. ... more »

How Does Pregnancy And Conception Happen? A Primer

  Getting pregnant and conception can be complicated. On this page we describe in 7 steps the physiology of getting pregnant and conception. ... more »

The Ericsson Method Of Gender Sex Selection

The Ericsson (albumin) method has been used for medically assisted gender selection techniquesince around the mid 1970's and was pioneered and patented by Dr. Ronald Ericsson. ... more »

How Do I Get Pregnant and Have a Baby Boy Or a Baby Girl?

How can I get pregnant and how do I get a baby boy or how do I get a baby girl is among the major questions asked by many couples. ... more »

How Much Does It Cost To Get Infertility Treatment?

Concerns of thehigh  cost is one of the top 2 reasons (the other reason is fear of having multiple babies at once) for not going to see a reproduction specialist.   ... more »

Can I Get Pregnant With Only One Ovary?

Getting pregnant with one ovary is not only possible, but usually no more difficult then if you had two ovaries. More important is whether the fallopian tubes are intact. ... more »

4 Tips for Keeping Intimacy Alive During Infertility Treatment

As you get into treatment, you'll be told when to have sex and when to abstain and it can be easy to get caught up in the 'we have to have sex tonight because the doctor called' cycle. ... more »

How do you check the cervical mucus for fertility?

I have heard that I should check my cervical mucus for fertility. How do you do this? ... more »

When I Knew Something Was Wrong... (Part 1 of 3)

This post is the first in a three-part series by BustedKate talking about how she first found out she was facing infertility. ... more »

Fertility May be Linked to Circadian Rhythm

According to a new research study, circadian rhythm may have a lot to do with menstrual and fertility cycles. ... more »

Romance and Conception: Valentine’s Day is the Perfect Time to Conceive

Have you ever heard the old wives' tale about how some couples have trouble conceiving because they are over-thinking the process? Well, there may be some truth to that tale after all. ... more »

How to Avoid Using Fertility Drugs to Become Pregnant

Many couples struggling to achieve pregnancy can conceive naturally by following some simple guidelines before resorting to expensive and potentially hazardous fertility medications. ... more »

How Long Do I Have to Wait After I Stop Taking the Pill in Order to Get Pregnant?

The birth control pill, commonly referred to as simply 'The Pill,' supplies hormones to the body essentially tricking the body into thinking it's pregnant. ... more »

Tools, Charts, Tips, Advice and More.

 Find out how to improve your chances getting pregnant. Tools, charts, tips, advice and more. ... more »

Your Fertile Window - The best Time For Sex

The "Fertile Window" is the days of the menstrual cycle the best during which intercourse is most likely to result in pregnancy.Your most fertile days are the 4-5 days before and the day of ovulation. ... more »

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo Ready to Start Baby-Making

Nick Lachey just got hitched to Hollywood hotty Vanessa Minnillo and he's not waiting around for fatherhood to 'just happen.' The star has been quite vocal about wanting children. ... more »

Trying to Get Pregnant: 7 Relaxation Tips

Too much stress is bad for your mental and physical health. It also prevents you from getting pregnant. Here are 7 tips to help you relax when trying to conceive. ... more »

Questions About Chances Getting Pregnant

When women are trying to conceive, they often have questions regarding their chances of getting pregnant. There are several factors that come into play when it comes to getting pregnant. ... more »

Before Pregnancy: Healthy Pregnancy Starts Before You Conceive

Taking care of your body before pregnancy is important for a healthy pregnancy. ... more »

Can You Get Pregnant On Your Period?

Can you get pregnant on your period is a common question. Find out whether it's possible to conceive when you're menstruating. ... more »

Can I Get Pregnant Myths and Presumptions

Answering the question, can I get pregnant, depends greatly on the age or stage of life and medical status of a woman. ... more »

Pregnancy Cramping and Cramps

The female body undergoes dramatic changes in the first few weeks of gestation and these changes can cause cramping and be the first sign and symptoms of pregnancy. ... more »

Home Remedies For Getting Pregnant

Many couples who have trouble getting pregnant are looking for home remedies for getting pregnant. ... more »

Artificial Insemination at Home: Turkey Baster Method

Step-by-step instructions for getting pregnant using artificial insemination at home. Most people do not use a turkey baster but a clean sterile syringe. ... more »

Ectopic Pregnancy Recurrence

Over 95% of the ectopic pregnancies develop in the fallopian tube and are therefore also called 'tubal pregnancies'. ... more »

Robitussin To Get Pregnant

Many women want to know whether they could take Robitussin to improve their fertility and help them get pregnant. ... more »

Best Time To Get Pregnant Faster

The best time to get pregnant fast is to have sex or sexual intercourse once a day every day during the 4-5 days before and on the day of ovulation. ... more »

Best Position To Get Pregnant

Find out which sex positions are the best for getting pregnant as well as how to maximize the possibility of pregnancy after sex. ... more »

Trying To Conceive: Improving Your Chances

Your best chance to get pregnant is if you have sex and make love egularly during your 6 fertile days (day of ovulation and the 5 preceding days). ... more »

Fertility 101: Lesson 01 - Roadblocks to Getting Pregnant

Learning more about your and your partner's fertility but especially if you suspect that you and your partner may have a problem getting pregnant. ... more »

Ovulation and the Menstrual Cycle Period

The timing of the menstrual cycle and ovulation is one of the most important things a woman should understand about her body since it is the determining factor in getting pregnant. ... more »

Male Fertility: Can Masturbation Cause Low Sperm Count?

While a couple is trying to get pregnant, the man may want to find out how masturbation affects his sperm count and reduces fertility. ... more »

Seven Fertility Myths Preventing You From Getting Pregnant

Read her more about the many myths and misconceptions about fertility and getting pregnant. ... more »

Can Stress Stop You From Getting Pregnant?

While stress has not been directly linked to infertility, the physical demands on the body during stressful situations are enough to trigger natural protective instincts. ... more »

Before Getting Pregnant Checklist

There are so many things to do before getting pregnant. Where do you start? Let us help you with a great checklist for getting ready for the 9 months of pregnancy. ... more »

Getting Pregnant - How To Improve Your Fertility

Some couples get pregnant the moment they start trying. But that is not true for many other couples and it can take them often many months or even years to get pregnant. ... more »


All your questions about infertility and how to get tested for fertility answered. ... more »

Top 20 Getting Pregnant FAQs

The BabyMed Top Twenty Getting Pregnant FAQs answer your most important fertility and Preconception questions. ... more »