The minute your wife found out she was pregnant did the idea of sex just skip out of your mind? Most men will confess they feel excited about pregnancy sex on some level. Maybe they are excited about leaving protection behind for a while or the return of spontaneity if they have been trying to conceive for some time. But men must remember donating sperm to the pregnancy agenda is the easy part. For the next nine months or so she will have to live with an ever-changing body that grows from all angles. While some women maintain a healthy, sleek body throughout pregnancy, not all women will look like a supermodel with a basketball under their shirt. If you thought she was sexy before pregnancy, she'll probably need extra help to feel sexy during pregnancy.

pregnant and sexyWhat is the Sexiest Thing About Your Wife?
Take a moment to think about the sexiest part of your wife’s body. Take that image and make it a central part of your plan to help her feel sexy. If her beauty melts your heart, schedule a photo shoot with a local photographer. Ask the photographer to capture some beautiful pictures of her face and surprise her with a framed image.

Never Stop Telling Her She is Beautiful

Pregnant women frequently share stories onpregnancy forums of their darling husbands and significant others who tell them just how beautiful they are each day. Does your wife or girlfriend believe you when you tell her she's beautiful? Most likely not all the time, but that does not mean she doesn't love to hear those words. Remember to tell her she is beautiful often, not just when she is sad or feeling horrible in her new pregnant body. It's those Tuesday compliments that work wonders.

Take Her Shopping But Never Suggest Clothing
She needs to feel like she is worth the money it costs to buy maternity clothes. Many women are left feeling they should spend every extra bit of money on baby, but she needs attention and a boost of self-worth along the way. When you take her shopping, do not try to suggest clothes, but tell her with honesty and emotion just how sexy she looks in the pieces she loves.

Helping your wife feel sexy during pregnancy is about more than having sex. If she is feeling ugly with a growing belly, skin breakouts and weight gain, she needs you, her soul mate, to support and remind her just how beautiful she is. Once she feels beautiful, she will feel sexier than ever.