There are so many stories floating around about the Billy Ray Cyrus ad Tish Cyrus divorce, it is hard to get a foothold on what is true and what is sheerly impossible. What is known is that the couple has filed for divorce and Billy Ray Cyrus is not up to answering any questions about the filing.

During a recent interview when Billy Ray Cyrus was asked about the divorce, he stormed out of the studio without answering. There are rumors in Hollywood that Tish Cyrus had an affair with Bret Michaels when Miley Cyrus sang on a track for the rock star. Both Tish Cyrus and Bret Michaels deny the rumors, but that is what we expect of Hollywood stars.

There are also rumors that Miley is the cause of the divorce. After grounding Miley Cyrus for back talk, Tish allowed her to leave the home. Billy Ray Cyrus was irate about the lapse in grounding and filed for divorce. This claim has been strongly denied by the Miley Cyrus camp.