Comedian George Lopez is crying more than laughing these days. After 17
years of marriage and the birth of one child, his wife has filed for
divorce. The couple shares more than most couples as wife Ann Serrano gave Lopez a kidney when he needed a transplant.

The couple separated in September and it was reported that the separation was friendly. The couple started The Lopez Foundation and plans on continuing the work in the community sponsored by the organization.

Despite the fruity details, there is still a divorce on the whims. Ann Serrano is seeking alimony and child support for their 14 year old daughter. Though the couple stated they would be raising their child together, Ann Serrano has filed for primary custody.

There is no mention of infidelity or trouble in the marriage, so we are at a loss as to what could have occurred after 17 years and a kidney to deem such a fast retreat into divorce. Ann Serrano is being represented by the same lawyer that is currently working Christina Aguilera’s divorce case.