Hollywood’s sexiest couple has tried spending time together and therapy,
but there is no fixing the broken marriage. Scarlett Johansson and Ryan
Reynolds have decided they want to give being single another try after just 2 years of marriage. Friends around the couple report the two truly attempted to work things out, but there was just no way around the turmoil between them. Insiders believe the couple’s schedule conflicts are at the root of the trouble. Reynolds and Johansson have been working constantly; having little time to together.

The couple does not seem to be bothered by the break up as much as some friends thought they would be. At first, Reynolds denied Johansson a divorce, but after a trial separation, he finally agreed that a divorce would be best. Reynolds recently finished the movie Green Lantern which co-starred Blake Lively. Rumors started flying that Reynolds and Lively had an affair, but these rumors have not been substantiated with statements from either side.
Johansson has no ties with any new beaus as of yet, but she is spending some time resting and relaxing in Jamaica with friends to recover from the stress of life and the divorce.