For the last three years, the chairman of the Padres, John Moore and wife, Becky Moore, have been protected by a gag order while they bitterly fought a divorce. The couple no longer has that protection. There is a lot of money at stake and the couple needs to find a happy medium soon because the court is no longer taking “we’re working on it” for an answer.

There was a trial set for the divorce proceedings to start in March of 2010, but the couple swore things were settled so the trial was cancelled. Now, that turns out to be a lie and the court is not happy about that. A court date of May 9th 2011 has been set and the couple has until then for matters to go very public.

Among the troubles is the huge amount of assets the couple shared in the marriage. Evidently both want everything and neither is willing to bend on the deal so the court may have to decide this one.