Dieting during pregnancy is not a good idea. Pregnancy is a crucial time of development for your baby, and it is important to eat a healthy variety of foods to provide all the needed nutrients, so that your baby will develop healthy and strong.
If you feel that you are overweight, you can cut down on high fat and high sugar foods, and instead have fresh fruits or vegetables. This will keep you from eating a diet high in these foods, which will just add non essential weight in the form of fat. Instead of dieting it is better to eat a wide variety of foods from all the food groups.

A normal pregnancy should result in a weight gain of twenty five to thirty five pounds, but women who are overweight may only gain twelve to fifteen additional pounds during pregnancy. Even if you gain more than this it is crucial that you do not attempt to lose weight until after the baby is born to ensure that the baby is not deprived of nutrients that are needed to develop normally and healthy.

If you are very concerned about your weight, talk to your obstetrician or family doctor about safe ways to get healthier without any risks to the baby while you are pregnant. Every woman wants what is best for her child, and dieting is not an option until after the baby is born. There will be plenty of time, and plenty to do, once you have had the baby.

Trying to lose weight while you are pregnant can seriously jeopardize the health, and even the life, of you and your baby. It is better to eat plenty but to make sure that what you eat is nutritious and good for both you and the baby. Whole grains, lean protein, and plenty of fluids, including water and juice, should be included in your diet as well, to ensure the baby has all the building blocks they need to grow.    

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