Missed two pills during ovulation

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Missed two pills during ovulation

Hello! I've recently joined BabyMed so I can get more info on my situation. Currently I am not planning on getting pregnant just as an fyi. I missed two pills this week (Wed and Thurs) during the time of my ovulation which based off of my app "Flo" would have been on Wednesday. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on Sunday, Tuesday and Wenesday which is why I am a bit worried. I asked a pharmacist if taking the Plan B pill would be appropriate for which I did end up taking the Plan B pill. I would like to know if there is any chance I could still get pregnant? I know missing two pills increases the chances and it being during my ovulation, but I know my birth control is quite effective and the Plan B should have stopped anything from happening. So please if anyone can help me, I'm all ears!


Taking birth control pills prevents ovulation. Calculating ovulation day is therefore superfluous when you take the pill. Different birth control pills have different recommendations when you miss 1-2 pills, and depending on the kind of pills you took, some say to continue taking the pills and also using another method of birth control like a condom.