Chances of Pregnancy a week after ovulation?

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Chances of Pregnancy a week after ovulation?

Hello, I am extremely stressed about a delicate matter and i am hoping that your advice will bring me some piece of mind...I apologise in advance because English is not my native language. I 've had unprotected sex with my girlfriend about two weeks ago, on a Saturday. According to a sonogram that her ob-gyn did to her , she was ovulating on Friday the week before we had sex (i.e. we had sex 8 days after her ovulation). Specifically, the doctor told her that her egg was "huge and was floating around," which i guess means that ovulation had already started....right now I am very worried because it's been two weeks and my girlfriend hasn't had her period yet!! She has very irregular periods almost all the time, (longer than the average, never shorter) , so she isn't very concernced about all this, but i am extremely worried, because although i love her, my income is too small to sustain a family and get what are the chances of her being pregnant...? She doesn't have any pregnancy symptoms yet. She is 33 years old. I am 38. Both of us never had any children and never had unprotected sex before... I keep reading everywhere on the net that sexual intercourse more than 2 days after ovulation is almost impossible to lead to pregnancy, but I am worried sick.....please if you'd be so kind to respond asap...!! Thank you in advance



Unfortunately you are in this situation when you should have used effective contraception if you did not want to get pregnant.

Only a positive pregnancy test can confirm a pregnancy, and when it's positive you can discuss your options.