Clomid + Metformin

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Clomid + Metformin

Hi Dr. Amos,

Thank you for taking and answering questions. I've posted here before, but here's my background:

I'm 45 years old. I had never been pregnant before and then in November of last year got pregnant and miscarried. My husband and I have been trying again ever since. In May my Dr. started me on Clomid 50mg. Then we went to 100mg, then to 150mg, and now I'm at 200mg.

It appears that every other month my progesterone level is what my Dr. calls "low," anything less than 12. I've been reading that progesterone levels fluctuate and that if you miss the peak, even by a day or two that this can affect the results of a progesterone test.

I've been taking 200mg of Clomid for two cycles. Last month my progesterone level was 19. This month it was 10. My Dr. has now prescribed for me Metformin along with 200gm of Clomid. I have never been diagnosed with PCOS, I am not overweight, and do not have diabetes. Is this a good idea? How does this work? What can I expect from taking Metformin in regards to my blood sugar levels? I'm a little nervous about it.