Conception please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

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Conception please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????

Hello I am new here and I am wondering something that is just confusing me so bad and no doctor will help me with, so my periods have always been off, until about June of last year. Then they came pretty consistently on the 29th of every month until I had sex on October 14th and 22nd of last year and missed my period for that month. But about 2 weeks after the 22nd I had an almost period like bleeding for a day. Was that implantation?? I had found out I was pregnant sometime in early Dec. and I was about 5 weeks then when I went in for my ultrasound Dec. 20th of 2017 they said I was 6 weeks and 4 days along, I have had a couple different due dates and my very recent one is August 5th of 2018. I went in yesterday for an ultrasound and came out with being 29 weeks and 3 days pregnant. So basically my question is, how many days/weeks can an ultrasound be off?? Especially because my last period was September 29th of last year!! Someone please help, it's driving me crazy!! Lol


It can sometimes be confusing to compare ultrasound measurements with the last period and try to figure out exactly how far along you are and when you may have gotten pregnant. Your doctoir is the person best suited to provide you with that information, as s/he has all the data to let you know.


This calendar here will help you find some answers: