Could HMFD be dangerous for my unborn baby?

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Could HMFD be dangerous for my unborn baby?

Hi! I’m new to the site. I have a 19 month old who was loosely (that’s what it looks like the dr said) diagnosed with HMFD. I’m 28 weeks pregnant. I recently (2-3 days) developed a rash which started behind my knees. At first I thought it was from my poor circulation ( I have varicose veins and bad circulation in my legs) It’s now all Over my legs and starting on my abdomen. I don’t have ulcers or sores, no fever or flu like symptoms. The rash isn’t on my hands and feet. Could it be that I have a distorted HMFD? What can I do to protect my unborn baby girl. I’m close to panicking. I’m headed to the clinic in several hours but our system in Quebec is less than good with the lack of dr’s and overloading of sick patients. Any help is more than greatly appreciated. I lost a baby in June of last year. I won’t survive losing her if this could get worse.


Please read HERE more.