Could I Be Pregnant?

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Could I Be Pregnant?

Me and my fiancé have been trying to get pregnant for over three years now. I’ve seen so many negatives. And I’ve been following my doctors advice however nothing has been working, and I’m at the point where I’m going to give up. I currently take Lithium 300 mg (three times a day) and my job consists of exercise (a lot of walking) but nothing too much that’ll effect my period. I do stress sometimes but my stress hasn’t been off the wall. My last period was April 3rd. My ovulation was April 19th, but due to work, we were only able to have intercourse April 15th. I am currently 8 days late. My last period lasted shorter than usual, and was very light and only a light pink color. Could I be pregnant? I’m afraid I’m just late, but my periods have been pretty normal up until recently.


You could be pregnant but you need a positive pregnancy test to be sure.

After this long of waiting to get pregnant, you should start getting tested and find out the reason why you have difficulties getting pregnant.