Could I be pregnant?

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Could I be pregnant?

I missed my period the whole month of June yes I've had intercourse throughout the month unprotected :(.... I took a pregnancy test on June 29th around 11 p.m. on Sunday july 1st I had brownish reddish vaginal discharge, on July 2nd and 3rd its been like not to light but not to dark red blood that filled a pad for Like 5 hrs of wearing it...could my period be back? Also I have been feeling like cramping not really painful but I felt it then this morning July 3rd I heard like this bubbly gurgling swish type of noise from my belly I don't believe it was me being hungry even though I just woke up.

Don't know if this helps
Yes I did stress but not overly...
I am a mother of a 1year old who I breastfeed exclusively
My last period was may 31st 2018