Getting pregnant the right way

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Getting pregnant the right way

hi my name is amelia and i want to get pregnant but i know theres alot of steps that have to be done. for example i have a mental illness and i have some medical problems too. so if i could get some advice on steps and what i need to do to get the process going. it would mean the world to me! thanks


please i need advice

You are asking a very important question. When trying to get pregnant, especially when there are other issues involved, your best next step would be to see your doctor and discuss your wishes getting pregnant with the issues you have. And don't forget to take your daily prenatal vitamins before pregnancy. 

Hey! It’s me, Julie. Hope so you will be fine.
I just read your case. I think in a busy World about every person is the victim of mental illness. These all are the negativities and we have to face it. You just make yourself busy with such things that love to do. It may reduce your tensions. In this way, you will get rid of these things with the passage of time.
At last, I would advise you to do regular exercise. This will help to be physically active. And take good care of your diet. Eat healthy items. These things would be helpful. Just stay positive and positive will happen. It’s up to your thinking.I hope everything will be fine soon.
All my sympathies are with you.