Need to figure out date of possible conception

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Need to figure out date of possible conception

I’m in great need to figure out when I conceived, my husband and I were on a short break and I just tested positive that I am pregnant.
These are the dates and information I am working with....

Lmp: April, 30 2018
My cycle is very off so I’m not sure how long it should have been . Last month was 39 days
Husband and I BD : May 21 2018
Other gentleman: may 31 2018
Bleeding after intercourse on June 3
Took test June 4 it was negative
My cervix was high soft and creamy cm on the 7 and after but I didn’t check it prior to that date
I got a positive test on June 12.


Thank you

It's impossible to determine from the different days exactly which day you became pregnant.

The earliest way to find out who the baby's father is, is to do a paternity test from your blood after 8 weeks of the pregnancy.

Check it out here: