Need help please don’t bash me

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Need help please don’t bash me

So before the bashing and what not just please hear me out! I had sex with two men same exact day(June 8th). One was a quickie in which he used a condom and states he still pulled out before he ejaculated, the other is my partner of many years (yes I know I’m a horrible person) but he actually did ejaculate inside of me. I just found out that I am 5 weeks 2 days pregnant and don’t know what to do although guy 1 used condom and we checked the condom for any leakage, everything was clear. We did also have sex June 11th twice with condom and didn’t see any leakage either. My partner and I been trying to conceive, and now that I am I have no ideas what to do! My last day of my first period was may 26th and according to my ovulation app I was ovulating from June 5th-10th. If anyone can help me that’ll be highly appreciated I will never do something so dumb like this ever again! Ps my partner does know about the positive pregnancy test and is super excited Im so nervous don’t know what to do?


PleSe need advice I know I messed up big time!

The only way to find out who the father is, is to do a paternity test. This can be done after delivery from the child. Or it can be done as early as 9 weeks of the pregnancy from the mother's blood.


Thanks Dr. Amos, problem is that the prenatal paternity test is super expensive and can’t afford it. I wanted to know are there any hospitals who do those exams or covered by insurance?

You should call the insurance and ask.